I like taking pictures when I travel. Who doesn’t?

Granville Island is a dinky little place hidden under a bridge surrounded by water between Vancouver and… Vancouver. If you don’t take the right street, you’ll pass right over it faster than you can blink. Although it’s small, it’s mighty. The place is adorable. There are Canadian geese and boats as far as the eye can see. And their public market is not to be missed.

I strongly suggest going into the market to buy whatever allergy-safe food you’d like (remember, it’s Canada. So people are super friendly and very allergy- conscious), and sitting along the water front to relax, eat, and listen live music.

P.S. People watching in this little town couldn’t be any better.

The Wooden Shoe Tulip Farm in Woodburn, Oregon is stunning. With tulips of every color for acres, you actually feel like you’re walking through a rainbow. The flowers bloom every spring – and some years are better than others – but I must say, this year was my first year and it was pretty amazing.

Joshua Tree National Park, California is an enchanting place. I’m sad to say I fully neglected my photo duties while there… but it was because I was so enthralled with the beauty. Legitimate excuse, right?

To get to Joshua Tree you’ll need to do one of two things: 1. buy a day pass to the park; or 2. buy a national parks pass. I opted for number two – simply because I plan on visiting other national parks in the near future.

Banias Nature Reserve, Israel is in the northernmost part of the country. It is where you want to go if you want an easy-moderate hike that lets you chase waterfalls from beginning to end. Now, it might sound strange to ‘chase waterfalls’ in the middle of the middle east, but I assure you – it’s possible and worth the walk.

Banias is located at the foot of Mount Hermon north of the Golan Heights. To get there, you take road 99 straight to the entrance (east of Kibbutz Snir). At the entrance you’ll need to pay 27NIS.

Mount Bental, Israel is an extremely special place. In the 1973 Yom Kippur War, one of the largest tank battles was fought (and won by the Israelis) here. Although the Syrians had more man power and tanks (1,500 tanks vs. 160 Israeli tanks), the Israelis knew the importance of this peak and stood their ground. Today, we can go to Mount Bental and see the stunning panoramic views of the Golan Heights and Syria.

We can also grab a coffee at the top of the mountain at Coffee Anon (a pun on the Hebrew translation meaning “Coffee of the Clouds” and the UN leader). The coffee is ok, but the view from the cafe is great. Additionally, leading up to the peak is a metal sculpture garden.