An Alaska Airlines Review – Traveling with Food Allergies

An Alaska Airlines Review – Traveling with Food Allergies

It’s been awhile since I flew Alaska Airlines. Probably because I’ve been living abroad for the last 3 years. But nonetheless I, traveling with food allergies, flew Alaska.

And it was great!

When I checked my bag I alerted the agent that I had peanut & nut allergies. He then told me it’s no problem – and put a note into my file.

Then, when I got to the gate, I asked the agent if I could pre-board in order to clean my area. To which he – without hesitation I might add – said of course.

When the time came for passengers to pre-board, I got onto the plane. Before even reaching my seat I found a flight attendant and told her that I have a fatal allergy to peanuts and a severe allergy to nuts and asked if they could serve an alternate snack.

Lesson learned Alaska doesn’t serve peanuts or nuts .

Now, normally I would ask the flight attendant to also make an announcement to the cabin in order to alert other passengers that someone on board is traveling with food allergies, but because my allergy is not airborne and they serve alternate snacks, I decided it was unnecessary. They did however assure me that if another passenger started to eat a nut or peanut product around me to simply let them know and they would take care of the situation to the best of their abilities.

When I got to my seat I pulled out my gloves and wet wipes and got to work. I cleaned:

  • My seat from headrest to floor
  • The window/ wall I wanted to lean my head against to sleep
  • The tray table (arguably the most dangerous spot for someone like me)
  • AND the arm rests

I then put on fresh gloves and sat down.

Traveling with Food Allergies - bring the essentials on board. Gloves and wipes. By that time other passengers started to trickle in.

It was mid-flight when I woke up and saw the snack they were passing out. Lotus Biscoff cookies! And while these are safe for me to eat, I chose not to. That’s because I don’t want to risk any single possibility or chance of a reaction occurring mid-flight.

I instead took out my Know Allergies chocolate, coconut, banana bar. And let me tell you – that was way better than any cookie could have been.

By the time I woke up again we were landing in Mexico.

If only everything in life was as easy as that Alaska Airlines flight.

For more information on airline allergy policies, take a look at this extensive US domestic list.

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